Cat Grooming Services

Put your cat in caring and professional hands of a cat groomer.

If you need help maintaining your cats coat, we are here to help with our expert cat grooming service.

When a cat has coat or grooming related issues, it is important we not only address the visible issue, but get to the root of the problem. This is important for the welfare of the cat, in addition to providing a full professional grooming service. Our cats leave the salon, with a nose to tail professional grooming service – they are noticeable more comfortable and happier cats.

Our cat grooming services come highly recommended and referred by not only our valued customers, but also veterinary practices, cat rescues, cat breeders, catteries, and dog groomers. Check out our excellent reviews.

You may be here because you have noticed coat issues on your cat such as knots, matting or worse.

It’s important to consider that when you see the symptoms, they are often as a result of an unknown, underlying cause.

First time groom appointments are vital in the exploration stage.

How it works?

  • Prior to the booking you will complete an online Enquiry Form to ensure your cat is a suitable candidate for our grooming services.
  • If they are suitable, we can send you further details and book in a First Time Groom.*
  • During the appointment, your cat will be seen by highly trained and experienced Certified Feline Master Groomer.
  • Using safe, caring and professional techniques, your groomer will get to know your cat and encourage your cat to get to know them.
  • Your cats coat and grooming issues will be assessed and diagnosed.
  • In addition we will also do a weight & microchip check and record.
  • Key issues will be addressed
  • If deteremined suitable by the groomer, you cat will also have their nails trimmed, eyes and ears checked & gently wiped, clipper work, professional bath, blow dry and comb out.
  • All cats who visit our Salon should expect to receive a full professional grooming service, with a gentle degreasing bath.
  • After the appointment you’ll recieve a Groom Report by email which summarises the groom, together with recommendations going forward to help keep the cat comfortable year round.

Please note: Not all cats are the same and not all cat grooms are the same – we adapt our methods according to each cat and their welfare requirements. Our priority for a first time groom is to address the key issues. As such, we may be limited with the services we can provide and on rare occasions, a follow up groom may be required if your cats behaviour gives cause for concern.

* We will contact you with further details about our expected services for your cat, price indication, appointment duration, our Terms and Conditions and our appointment availability.

After your first cat grooming appointment, we highly recommend your cat follows our maintenance grooming schedule. 

Why is this important?

  • This will help keep on top of your cats coat issues throughout the year
  • Gives your cat more opportunities to get used to the grooming experience.
  • Allows us to get to know your cat
  • Enables shorter grooming appointments which keeps fees to a minimum.

Style options

There may be more ‘style’ options for cats who are on our maintenance schedules, especially those with high maintenance coats which we may not be able to offer for their first time appointment.

View options below.

Prices as of 1 June 2024.

Our prices are subject to a wide range of variables.

Each cat will be assessed and pricing will be subject to:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Breed
  • Coat type
  • Coat condition
  • Age
  • Health
  • Behaviour
  • Length of appointment required
  • Grooming skills required

Complete our online enquiry form to receive a price for your cats groom.

First Time Groom price example

Ffirst time groom, for a long haired / dense haired cat up to 5.5Kg, with coat issues, up to 10 years of age, in good health, good behaviour, for a 2 hour appointment, the starting price is estimated from £90.

On-going prices

When following our Recommended Maintenance Grooms, the price will reflect the reduction in grooming time required.


Add ons usually relate to additional products required to aid the groom and are priced accordingly.


As our Salon becomes busier with more customers following our recommended maintenance schedules, this reduces the number of available appointments available to customers who want to bring their cats in on an adhoc basis.  When we hit maximum capacity, we will either close our books to new or adhoc customers or adopt a waiting list.  It could be many months before customers can book their cats in for adhoc appointments.


Ongoing maintenance

If a cat has grooming issues, it is highly likely they will continue to have grooming issues. As such, our expectations will be to recommend ongoing support throughout the year, with a personalised maintenance grooming schedule at our Salon. This will offer you peace of mind, knowing we will be helping keeping your cat comfortable throughout the year.

Not all cats are the same and not all cat grooms are the same – we adapt our methods according to each cat and their welfare requirements. 

Before we consider if a cat is a suitable candidate for our grooming services, we require all new customers to complete our online Enquiry Form

Once this is received we can make a suitability decision.

If we deem your cat suitable, we will contact the customer with further details about your cats suitablour expected services for the cat, price indication, appointment duration, our Terms and Conditions and our appointment availability. 

Cat Grooming Style Options

First time grooms address the welfare needs of a cat as the priority, so style options may be limited.

For cats on Ongoing Maintenance Grooms, we may be able to offer:

  • Lion Clips (full or modified)
  • Teddy / Comb Clips
  • Bolero Clips
  • Professional Deshed Treatment
  • Tummy Trim
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Ruff Trim
  • Face Trim
  • Toe Tuft Trim

Lion Clip

New Lion Clip Photo with full tail | Cat Grooming Style

Full Lion Clip: This style involves shaving the body of the cat down to a short length while leaving the head, and sometimes the legs longer, giving the cat a “mane” appearance. With the option for a full or pom pom tail. This style is often chosen for cats that have severe matting, need relief from heat, or suffer from skin conditions. It reduces shedding and helps in managing hygiene.

Modified Lion Clip: A less drastic version where certain areas like the head and tail are left longer, but with more blending into the shorter body hair for a subtler effect. Ideal for cats that need matting control and cooling but still retain some of their natural coat for protection and aesthetics.

Bolero Clip

Bolero | Cat Grooming Style

A sophisticated style where the hair around the shoulders and chest is left longer, mimicking a bolero jacket, while the rest of the body is clipped shorter.

Chosen for aesthetic appeal, the Bolero Clip keeps the cat looking stylish while also providing a practical solution for reducing hair around problem areas where matting might occur. It balances maintaining some natural length with easy grooming.

Your groomer may offer this as an alternative to a full Lion Clip. 

Toe Tuft Trim

Toe Tuft Trim | Cat Grooming Style

Trimming the long hair between the toes and around the paws, preventing mats and keeping the feet neat and tidy.

For cats with long hair on their toes and paw pads which causes problems with cat litter and other debris getting stuck in the feet and toes.

It can help reduce the risk of the cat slipping on smooth surfaces and makes it easier to spot any issues with the paws.

Tummy Trim

Tummy Trim | Belly Trim | Cat Grooming Style

Trimming the hair on the underside of the cat to prevent matting, tangling, and debris accumulation, ensuring a clean and neat appearance.

A tummy trim makes it easier to keep the cat clean and reducing discomfort. It’s particularly useful for long-haired cats prone to matting, and helps keep them cooler in the Summer months.

Face Trim

Face Trim | Cat Grooming Style | Persian Cat

Carefully trimming the hair around the face to enhance visibility and keep the area clean, often focusing on the eyes, mouth, and beard areas.

A face trim prevents fur from irritating the eyes or getting into the mouth. It’s beneficial for breeds with long facial fur that can obstruct their vision.

Professional Deshed

Professional Deshed | Cat Grooming Style | Siberian Cat

This treatment involves thoroughly brushing and washing the cat to remove loose hair and undercoat, reducing shedding and keeping the coat healthy and sleek.

This treatment helps in managing shedding. It’s beneficial for reducing hairballs, keeping the coat healthy, and minimising allergens in the home.

Sanitary Hygiene Trim

Sanitary Trim | cat Grooming Style

A precise trim around the rear and genital areas to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, preventing dirt and matting in sensitive areas.

Ensuring hygiene, the sanitary trim keeps the areas free from fecal matter, urine, and other debris. It’s essential for cats that may have difficulty grooming themselves, such as older or overweight cats.

Comb Clip (Teddy)

Comb Clip | Teddy Clip | Cat Grooming Style

This style keeps the hair uniformly short and fluffy, resembling a teddy bear’s coat. It’s achieved by using a longer comb attachment on clippers to create an even, plush appearance.


This style is great for maintaining a neat and manageable coat without the drastic change of a full shave. It helps reduce shedding, prevents matting, and keeps the cat comfortable, especially in warmer weather.

Ruff Trim

Professional Deshed | Cat Grooming Style | Siberian Cat

Trimming the fur around the neck and chest area, often done to reduce bulk and create a tidy appearance without removing too much length.


This trim can help with cooling and make it easier for the cat to move. It’s also a good way to keep the area clean and prevent matting.

Transporting Your Cat & Appointment Times

For first time Kitty Visitors to the Salon, we appreciate many customers are coming quite a way by car.  This may be the first time your cat has travelled so far and it is extremely important you ensure your cat is prepared for the journey, you travel with your cat safely and ensure they are somewhere in the car where they have plenty of air and you can see them so they are monitored throughout the journey.  We send out information to help with this and please do take the time to read this, whether you are only 5 minutes away or over 1 hour.

Regarding the appointment itself, we allow a 2 hour appointment for a first time groom at the Salon. This allows extra time if needed to give a kitty short breaks and / or for the groomer to take additional time as required. We work with a cat during the groom in order to build their trust and as such some cats require a little extra time and patience. 

We ask for a cat to arrive at the Salon within 15 minutes before the start time of the groom and to be collected within 15 minutes of the end time of the groom. This is important to keep us on schedule for the rest of the day in fairness to other customers. 

Our aim is to make the grooming experience as stress free as possible for a cat which includes travelling to and from the Salon, plus the appointment itself.

Cat Grooming Services in Surrey

Enquire today to resolve your cats coat issues.

When you bring your cat to Awesome Paws salon, we will work with you to identify and address the initial coat problems, but more importantly we will help you maintain your cats coat thereafter. You’ll be offered a personalised schedule of maintenance grooms, plus expert advice regarding the correct grooming tools to use at home.