Why Consider a Professional Cat Groomer?

Most people only seek out a Cat Groomer when their cat’s coats have developed obvious issues, such as knots or matts and help is needed in order to fix the problems. However, a professionally trained Cat Groomer will do much more than just shave out matting! We are there to help keep a cat’s coat in the best and most comfortable condition whether you have a long haired or short haired cat, a kitten, an older cat who has lost some flexibility of movement, a cat with health issues…. The list is endless.

The Grooming Services which Awesome Paws Cat Grooming offers comes from having undertaken the very best cat grooming training in the UK and the US and from having carried out thousands of cat grooms. The techniques and methods we follow are considered to be in the best interests and welfare of a cat during the groom. We are exclusively trained to groom cats, not dogs.

Typical coat issues might include:

  • Significant knots, matts or pelting in the coat,
  • A build up of grease in the coat,
  • Excessive shedding,
  • Problem with ingested furballs,
  • An aging cat who can no longer keep themselves as clean as when younger,
  • A cat recovering from illness or surgery and needs some extra help with coat care,
  • Upset tummies causing dirty / smelly / matted hair around the rear,
  • Messy eaters / drinkers where hair around the face and chest has become soiled,
  • Outside vegetation caught in the coat which needs removing,
  • Many other factors.

The Grooming Service

All cats groomed receive the following service, as standard:

  • Initial assessment of temperament and coat condition,
  • Bath & Dry, *
  • Comb out,
  • Some clipper work,
  • Complimentary services of nail trim, eye & ear wipe – as necessary.

Additional Add-On Services include:

  • Dematt,
  • Deshed,
  • Belly Trim,
  • Sanitary Trim,
  • Lion Clip / Modified Lion Clip
  • Teddy Bear / Comb Clip – service coming soon from the Salon!

Plus a Post Groom Report which is emailed to the Customer after the groom which summarises the groom, recommended grooming tools to use and ongoing coat care by way of Maintenance Grooms specifically tailored to each cats to help keep on top of future coat issues.

*Our expectation is to bath / dry all cats groomed because their skin and coat gets dirty and greasy – often the key reason why they have coat issues. Cats do amazingly well for their bath and dry if the correct care and techniques are used. There are exceptions, but as the Professional, Awesome Paws Cat Grooming will only agree to groom cats where the customer allows and trusts our decision making as to whether their cat is suitable for this part of the grooming service.

Cats who have coat issues require ongoing care, or the issues are very likely to come back. Our aim is to provide ongoing support to both a cat and their Human Family and by following our recommended Maintenance Schedule, this helps to keep ahead of any coat issues, ensuring your cat remains comfortable and develops a positive association with being professionally groomed.

Location & Price Guidelines

Awesome Paws offers Cat Grooming in a Grooming Salon and as a Home Visit service.

A standard Groom Fee depends on a number of factors including: Amount of work required to address the coat issues, Extent of any matts / pelts to remove, Coat condition & type, Age of a cat, Size / Weight of a cat, Any health issues, Temperament to the groom.

A realistic starting price for a First Time Groom is from £85*, but depends on the factors identified above and until further information is collected about a cat and also assessed on the day of the groom.

For a Home Visit service, a Home Visit Fee is applied as an additional charge to the Groom Fee. The fee is charged in advance, which contributes to distance, travel time, fuel and associated costs. It also serves as a Deposit to secure an appointment when the date and time has been agreed.

Areas covered include: Surrey, Parts of SW London only, West Sussex, Hampshire.

The Minimum Home Visit Fee is £30*, but additional charges apply if the Customer’s home is more than 30 miles from the Godalming area or travel includes heavy traffic areas which increases the driving time.

*All prices are for guidance only and are subject to change

Booking Enquiries

For further information and to enquire about booking an appointment, please visit the Enquiries Page which contains further information on booking a Salon or Home Visit Grooming Service for your cat.

Enquirer’s will be notified in writing if an appointment can be offered with the date and time and price estimates.

The deposit requested will need to be paid within 24 hours to secure the appointment, with the Groom Fee due upon completion of the groom. Further information relating to the current Covid-19 Working Protocol will be included together with instructions for home set up on the day of the groom.

Thank you!

Thank you for considering Awesome Paws Cat Grooming. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you address your cat’s coat issues.