Our Grooming Services & Pricing

First Time Kitty Clients To The Salon:

 When cats visit the Salon for the first time, it is usually because they already have coat issues.  Quite often due to knots, matting, grease or worse. 

Here at Awesome Paws Cat Grooming, we are trained to provide a full, professional cat grooming service for your cat. Most coat issues start at the skin and as such, the only way to address the problems includes a professional bath. This is a key part of a professional groom, achieving the best results and is the kindest grooming service for a cat.  All cats who enter our Salon leave having received the best care and top quality groom.   

As the Professional Cat Groomer, our aim is to advise the customer of the options available to you in mind of the cat’s best interests and welfare.  We will not carry out a service which we deem unsuitable for a cat either due to a cat’s coat condition, age, health, weight, temperament or even homelife. Therefore, please note the following information is for guidance purposes, as until we meet and physically assess a cat, we cannot determine fully if your cat will be suitable for any of our grooming services.

A cat with coat issues will likely always have coat issues.  As such we see the first time visit as a Discovery Groom.  We get to know your cat and his / her coat and your cat starts to learn that cat grooming can be pleasant and not to be feared!  Therefore, first time grooms often take a little longer and due to the unpredictability of the work required.  However, our hope is we start to see your cat regularly following our recommended maintenance grooming schedule so we can keep your cat comfortable and beautifully groomed throughout the year.

Please Note:

We do not groom aggressive cats, cats showing signs of poor health, transmittable diseases or parasites, under Veterinary medical care (unless referred by a Vet or Vet approved for grooming), nor cats who have become too stressed during their journey to the Salon. We also do not undertake ‘ spot shaves’, ‘dry grooms’ ‘brush outs’ or what we consider to be services of a substandard grooming service and a disservice to both you and your cat.


Before We Agree To Groom A Cat:

All customers are required to complete our online Intake Form.

This asks a number of important questions about your cat, including coat issues, health, background and homelife. When we receive and review the information, we may have further questions for you or your Veterinarian before we will agree to groom your cat. In some situations, we may consider your cat unsuitable for our grooming services, which will be for the safety of both cat and groomer.

Our Grooming Services:

The Awesome Comfort Groom – For All Our Kitty Clients

This is our primary grooming service for all cats who visit the Salon and are groomed by our highly trained and experienced Certified Feline Master Groomer.

This service includes the following:

Assessment of your cat on arrival, Weight & microchip checked, Nails trimmed, Eyes & ears checked & gently cleaned, Professional bath & blow dry (using premium cat safe products to properly cleanse and dry the coat and skin to gently assist the removal of shedding coat, grease and dead skin which are the main causes of coat problems), Comb out of coat to remove dead coat, small knots or matts.  Plus a Post-Groom Report is emailed after the groom which summarises the grooming service and offers advice and recommendations going forward.

Starting Price Guidelines For First Time Grooms, (with coat in generally good condition, in good health, plus no behavioural issues during the groom*)
Cats up to 5.5Kg
Long, Medium or Thick coats From £85.00.
Shorthaired Coats From £75.00

Cats between 5.5kg – 7Kg
Long, Medium or Thick coats from £90.00
Shorthaired Coats From £80.00

Cats over 7Kg
Long, Medium or Thick coats – Price on Application
Shorthaired Coats – Price on Application

Sphynx Cats, Kittens or Juniors From £60.00

*Please Note: 
Cats with significant coat issues, or are Seniors, with any Vet diagnosed health issues or behavioural issues during the groom – additional charges will apply.

Customers who go on to follow our recommended maintenance spa grooming schedule should see a reduction in grooming charges due to less work and quicker grooms.


Add Ons Only Available In Addition To Our Awesome Comfort Groom Above:

Removal of Matts or Pelts:
Significant matting or pelts in the coat will need to be shaved for the welfare of a cat, as determined by the Groomer.
Price:  Add On From £20.00

Sanitary Trim:

For cats who get themselves messy or smelly when they toilet.  The hair is shaved from the area, including the inside of the back legs to help keep them clean.
Price:  Add On From £5.00


Tummy Trim:

For cats who get knots or matts on their tummies.  This can include chest, armpits, ribcage, belly, sani area, inside back legs and also helps keep them keep  cool in hot weather.

Price:  Add On From £10.00

Professional Deshed Treatment:

For cats who are shedding excessively in the home.  A cat needs to be on a constant 6 – 8 weekly maintenance schedule to really see the benefits and this may not be possible for a first time professional groom at the Salon, but as an Add On to a Maintenance Groom.

A professional & gentle deshed treatment to help remove any shedding coat with additional products, plus our state of the art professional deshed equipment.  Suitable for long haired, medium and short-haired cats.

Price:  Add On From £10.00

Lion Clip Style:

This is a clip which can closely resemble ‘a lion’.  The main body area is clipped very short, close to the skin, leaving a velvet like texture, the lower leg hair is kept, the head and neck hair kept full with the option for a full or pom pom tail.

This is an add on to the Awesome Comfort Groom.

However, if a cat is badly matted or pelted, this will likely be the only grooming option available and the finished result will depend on the coat condition and what hair can be saved.

The Lion Clip can be for cats with high maintenance coats which their family struggle to maintain, suffer from excessive furballs or cats who are genuinely happier with such a short coat – We have customers who tell us how their cat turns from couch potato to reliving their youth as a lively kitten after their Lion Clip!

Prices:  Add On From £40.00 and subject the groomers professional judgement (underweight, Seniors, cats with health issues may not be suitable for this groom).

Bolero Clip Style: 

For a cat whose coat is in great condition from neck to mid body, but is badly matted / pelted from mid way along the back to the tail and underside only.  The customer may be offered this by the Groomer as an alternative to a full Lion Clip.   

This is an Add On to the Awesome Comfort Groom

Prices:  Add On From £20.00 and subject to coat condition and groomers professional judgement.

Teddy Bear / Comb Clip Style:

For longhaired / medium haired cats with a high maintenance coat and happier with a shorter coat (but not as short as the Lion Clip) .  Often, the finish is not particularly neat and crisp (thus where the resemblance to a Teddy Bear comes from).  The groom takes a lot of preparation work as it needs to be totally knot free, meticulously clean and totally dry before clipped.  This is an Add On to the Awesome Comfort Groom, with the coat clipped short to between ½ to ¾ inch of hair using clipper comb attachments.

As the coat needs to be totally free of dead coat, knots and matts before being clipped, it is highly unlikely this style will be possible for a first time visit to the Salon.  Your groomer can discuss with you your options going forward and does require a cat to be on a good maintenance schedule of around 6-8 weeks (depending on coat).

Prices:  Add On From £40.00 for first time Clip.  If kept in this style for maintenance grooms, this may reduce subject to coat condition. 


First Time Grooms – Transporting Your Cat & Appointment Times:

For first time Kitty Visitors to the Salon, we appreciate many customers are coming quite a way by car.  This may be the first time your cat has travelled so far and it is extremely important you ensure your cat is prepared for the journey, you travel with your cat safely and ensure they are somewhere in the car where they have plenty of air and you can see them so they are monitored throughout the journey.  We send out information to help with this and please do take the time to read this, whether you are only 5 minutes away or over 1 hour.

Regarding the appointment itself, we allow a 2 hour appointment for a first time groom at the Salon. This allows extra time if needed to give a kitty short breaks and / or for the groomer to take additional time as required. We work with a cat during the groom in order to build their trust and as such some cats require a little extra time and patience. 

We ask for a cat to arrive at the Salon within 15 minutes before the start time of the groom and to be collected within 15 minutes of the end time of the groom. This is important to keep us on schedule for the rest of the day in fairness to other customers. 

Our aim is to make the grooming experience as stress free as possible for a cat which includes travelling to and from the Salon, plus the appointment itself.  



After The First Groom -Scheduled Maintenance Grooms:

A cat who has coat issues, will always have coat issues.  Therefore, the best way to keep your cat comfortable and their skin and coat healthy is to book them on to a regular maintenance grooming schedule, as recommended by your groomer. Maintenance grooms should be shorter grooms, with less work to do, your cat gets used to the grooming experience and should lead to cheaper grooms rather than wait until issues reappear.  

It is advisable to book your next appointment immediately after the last one, as cat groomers are in high demand and the next available appointment may be some weeks, even months away.  Ideal schedules are between 4 – 8 weeks and certainly no longer than 12 weeks.  Each cat will have a personalised schedule and priced accordingly.

For customers who do not follow our recommended grooming schedule the charges will be the same as for first time visitors to the Salon.  

Nail Trims Only – Service currently not available

Currently, we do not offer this as a Stand Alone Service. This may change in the future for customers on a regular maintenance schedule, between their cats full groom appointments – subject to demand.

Location and Price Guidelines

Awesome Paws Cat Grooming is located at 19 Smithbrook Kilns, Horsham Rd, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8JJ.   For further information please  contact us.

Booking Enquiries

For further information and to enquire about booking an appointment, please contact us


Thank you!

Thank you for considering Awesome Paws Cat Grooming. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you address your cat’s coat issues.