FAQs Cat Grooming Services

Please see a list below of FAQs (frequently asked questions) from customers of our cat grooming services. If you still have questions about our cat grooming salon, please visit our contact page here.

How much is it to groom my cat?

We require all customers to complete our online enquiry form and to answer the questions which helps us determine a groom cost.  We will email you with our estimated starting price and any additional charges. Please see Services page for further details.

Do you offer a home visit service?

No. Our cat grooming services are provided in our Surrey salon for new customers. This provides a safe working environment for both cat and cat groomer.


Which grooming services do you provide?

Please see Services page

Why do you bath all cats you groom?

Awesome Paws Cat Grooming strives to provide the best cat grooming experience for the cats we groom and the best results.  Having undertaken extensive cat grooming training with the best trainers in the world and through experience of the thousands of cat grooms undertaken, the best professional results can only be achieved with grooms which include a bath and dry.  This is the only way to thoroughly clean a cat’s coat and skin and help remove dead hair and grease – the key reasons for the majority of a cat’s coat issues.  

What if I do not want my cat bathed?

Unfortunately, this means we are not the cat groomers for you. 

I have a photo of a particular style I would like for my cat. Can you copy this?

Our priority is to address any coat issues a cat may have for their welfare and comfort and where possible to follow the breed standards.  Cats have limited tolerance to any form of grooming and our priority is always to complete the groom as quickly and safely as possible for both cat and groomer and as such we do not aim or promise to attempt any styles outside our training or may be a safety issue.   

Enquire today to resolve your cats coat issues.

When you bring your cat to Awesome Paws salon, we will work with you to identify and address the initial coat problems, but more importantly we will help you maintain your cats coat thereafter. You’ll be offered a personalised schedule of maintenance grooms, plus expert advice regarding the correct grooming tools to use at home.