Please see a list of our frequently answered questions below. If you still have questions, please visit our contact page here.

How much is it to groom my cat?

This depends on many factors including:  Cats size, age, health, coat condition, services provided, temperament during the groom and if you require a Home Visit Service or a Salon Service.  

Do you cover my area?

For new customers, we offer a limited number of Home Visits.  This is due to priority being given to customers whose cats are on our recommended maintenance schedules to ensure we can offer appointments on schedule to keep their cats coats in the best and most comfortable condition.   The main service areas include:  Worcester Park, Epsom, Guildford, Farnham

We now offer a Salon experience in the Worcester Park area, one day a week.  This suits the majority of cats, except possibly those who are elderly, have health issues or cats with extreme anxiety when transported in their carrier.   Awesome Paws Cat Grooming will advise accordingly.  

Which grooming services do you provide?

All cats we groom, the standard service includes:  Assessment, Bath, Dry, Comb out, Some clipper work, Complimentary services include nail trims / eyes and ears wipe as necessary, plus my Post Groom Report we send after the groom.  Other Add On Services include:  Deshed, Dematt, Lion Clip (full or modified) and coming soon to the Salon service, the Teddy Bear / Comb clip.

As with all my grooming services, if there are Veterinary diagnosed health issues or if we consider a cat unsuitable for a particular service based on the information provided or when we meet and assess a cat, we will adapt my grooming techniques in the best interests, welfare and safety of a cat.  

Why do you bathe all cats you groom?

Awesome Paws Cat Grooming strives to provide the best cat grooming experience for the cats we groom and the best results.  Having undertaken extensive cat grooming training with the best trainers in the world and through experience of the thousands of cat grooms undertaken, the best professional results can only be achieved with grooms which include a bath and dry, as this is the only way to thoroughly clean a cat’s coat and skin and help remove dead hair and grease – the key reasons for the majority of a cat’s coat issues.  

What if I do not want my cat bathed?

Unfortunately, this means we are not the cat groomers for you. 

I have a photo of a particular style I would like for my cat. Can you copy this?

Firstly, cats are not dogs.  They do not behave like dogs for their grooms, they can be challenging and unpredictable during the groom and it is very easy to cut a cat with clipper blades or scissors. 

Therefore, our priority is to groom a cat to address the issues which are causing discomfort or for reasons of hygiene, with aesthetics taking second place.  As such, we cannot guarantee that a cat, especially for the first time groom, is a suitable candidate for any type of grooming and will not agree to undertaking or attempting any particular style which may not be possible due to reasons of safety for both cat or groomer.