Should I book a Salon or Home Visit Groom?

There are two enquiry forms below, both of which collect differing information depending on whether the groom will take place in a Salon or a Home. 

Prior to selecting an enquiry form to complete, please carefully read through all of the information below to ensure you are selecting a suitable grooming environment for your cat. 

The Salon Grooming Service

There is ample parking in front of the premises (located in the Worcester Park/Stoneleigh area) and we ask that you bring your cat in a secure cat carrier. You will be given an allocated ‘drop off’ and ‘collection’ time for your cats grooming appointment, with the groom typically lasting for an hour and a half. You will be given notice of these times prior to your appointment and it is imperative that you adhere to these times. There are local coffee shops and a beautiful park nearby, whilst you wait. 

Your cat will be groomed in the secure Cat Room towards the rear of the premises of the Pet Grooming Salon. The Cat Room is well away from other pets being groomed and from experience, the majority of cats respond well to this environment.

The Home Visit Service

The Groomer will provide you with an arrival time, of which this can vary by 30 minutes either side of the appointment time.  Parking will need to be provided within a short walking distance of the home, due the amount of equipment needing to be carried by the Groomer. 

Grooms will need to be performed in a small bathroom or utility room, which has been suitably prepared by yourself before the visit (a photo of this room will need to be sent prior to an appointment being confirmed, to ensure the space is suitable). Home Visit Grooms will usually take around two hours, which allows time for the Groomer to setup and pack away their equipment. 

If a calm and quiet environment cannot be provided for the duration of the Groom, then a Home Visit Groom may not be able to take place. However, a Home Visit Service is usually better suited to older cats, those of a nervous disposition or those who have previously become upset as a result of being transported in their carrier.