Introducing Awesome Paws Cat Grooming

Awesome Paws Cat Grooming was established in early 2018 and our objective has always been to provide:

  •       the best,
  •       most professional and
  •       kindest grooming services for cats  

We are trained to ONLY groom cats – not dogs.  We leave that to the dog grooming experts!  Grooming cats take very different skills and training and an understanding of a cats behaviour is key to a successful and safe groom.  

Business Owner & Feline Exclusive Groomer, Pauline Kemp, established Awesome Paws Cat Grooming after a long career in Senior Management working with NHS Medical Professionals in Central London. 

Having undertaken extensive cat grooming training in both the UK and US, Pauline achieved Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG) status with the world authority in cat grooming – the National Cat Groomers Institute.   This training and experience built a very successful Home Visit cat grooming business, gaining the trust and respect of her customers whose cats she continues to groom to a high standard on a regular basis.  The success of her home visit business led to the opening of her own Feline Exclusive Spa Salon in Surrey, which allows her to help even more cats with their grooming needs in her beautiful Cat Only Salon at Smithbrook Kilns on the outskirts of Cranleigh, Surrey.

Why Might You Need a Cat Groomer?

Professional Cat Grooming isn’t only about grooming Show Cats and Pedigrees!  We see cats of all breeds, hair lengths, ages, sizes, coat type, with coat issues – and those without any coat issues at all. 

Typical problems might be:

  •       Knots or matting – shedding hair, dirt, grease, saliva, poop, pee can all be within
  •       Pelts (this is where matting encases a cat in a thick shell)
  •       Seasonal shedding where help is required to remove the dead coat before knots and matts form
  •       Build up of grease in the coat – often with dead flaky skin speckled throughout and the coat starting to stick together
  •       Deterioration of coat condition due to age or health / medication issues
  •       Inability to groom / reach certain areas either due to age, health, overweight, a lazy cat
  •       Smelly cat – might be due to pee or poop stuck around the rear, sometimes due to an upset tummy
  •       Garden matter or something a cat has got stuck in its coat
  •       Cat litter stuck in the paws, often sets hard – various reasons why this might be
  •       Long coat which needs trimming – to avoid making a cat unhappy, picking up debris, getting stuck in a cats mouth when eating / drinking
  • Short coat – shedding excessively
  • Long / thick nails – important to avoid nails growing too long and thick and ingrowing into the paw pads causing pain and possible infection

How We Can Help

Using our extensive training and experience, we will have a solution to the problems.  We ask a lot of questions before we agree to groom a cat, but these questions really are important.  This helps us build a picture about your cats lifestyle, health, age, size, home life, temperament – all of which can often contribute to coat issues.  However, it is only when we meet and assess a cat do we really know what the issues are because very often we discover issues you may not realise are there.  Often we are told a cat has a ‘couple of knots’ – when in reality a cat can be covered in matting! 

Everything we do, all services we offer – and the services we do not – are all in the best welfare interests of a cat.  We will not offer a service which we deem is unsuitable for a cat.  We believe all cats should be groomed with kindness and care and treat each cat as we would one of our own and as individuals.

For more information see our Services page.